Prime minister said that these areas to "open sesame"

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"Current private investment growth fell back, the regional various departments must be highly valued."Premier li keqiang on May 4, the state council made it clear at the meeting.For private enterprise

"Current private investment growth fell back, the regional various departments must be highly valued."Premier li keqiang on May 4, the state council made it clear at the meeting.For private enterprises complain about for a long time, but also for the social criticism of "door", "clicks" and "revolving door" phenomenon, li keqiang, the truth: some have not the "door", "clicks" and "revolving door", but "no way", don't know where is the "door".To this end, the state council determined to want to open the "door" social investment.

"Door" has been actually, policy is not without, just don't fall to the ground, however, alternative?Visible, and can't get into the "glass";Go in, play, this call "spring";Pushing, circle back to each other, this call "rotation".The door gate must break.Is a door, will open.And "open", the administration has been established, prime minister li keqiang, attaches great importance to the supervision, to play again.The day Wednesday presided decision, to promote private investment in policy implementation to carry out the specific inspection, to eliminate social investment barriers.

Send inspectorate at the same time, the state council will also be in third party assessment.Li is a third party assessment on another policy tool.This is a "double arrows".Under such a big push, open sesame, relevant documents really implement policy, private investment in stabilizing positive, in the second half.

On the same day Wednesday presided also deployed to promote manufacturing and Internet depth fusion, speed up the transformation and upgrading of the "made in China".Mr Li has stressed that the future of the "made in China 2025" is "+ Internet".What is the future?Made in China to become more proficient in the high-end, first of all must be pushed open the door.Open sesame, rely on?Comply with the global trend, we must read good formula is the Internet.As prime minister, has said, "made in China 2025 + Internet" will create a "new industrial revolution".

"Door" is always a two-way street.The Internet for Chinese manufacture opened towards the top of the door, at the same time, the huge volume of manufacturing and broad market for the development of China's Internet next opened a door.Cloud computing and big data based on the Internet to develop industry, once combined with manufacturing, future.

Ideas about deepening the reform of housing system, li in the meeting again, namely the "for rent" is given.The meeting to determine the measure of cultivating and developing housing rental market.This means that the market will be further "open".Good is multiple: one is for housing leasing enterprises, institutions and individuals, the preferential tax policy support and encouragement.2 it is to promote the public housing monetization, the government to guarantee object through the market rent subsidies.Stable employment of migrant workers in town, new employment, college students and young doctors, teachers and other professional and technical personnel, every accords with a condition should be included in public rental housing safeguard scope.Third, strengthen supervision, carry out uniform rental contract demonstration text and standardize intermediary services, stable rental, protecting the legal rights and interests of the lessee.

"Now a big problem, are people afraid to rent. Some landlords tore up the contract, casually say that let you move move, said the price is the price. Since the new measures to party a preferential policy, that is about to follow up supervision. Let the contract has the legal effect, no tear is tearing up. Supervision strengthened, tenants can live at ease."The prime minister's comments, reflects his understanding of the livelihood of the people have a very specific and shirt.Policy of echo people promise, the people's livelihood "open sesame" nature.

Standing on the same day a details at the meeting is to discuss a file, one of the last half a sentence, put forward to build a center.Li from several entries as keen to point out that, ask: "this is a newly incorporated institution?"Relevant head of answer: belong to existing institutions to expand functions, no increase in staffing.In the prime minister said that the two brands, the file must be written clearly.

Li keqiang made on behalf of the government "itself in chapter three," one of them is financial support personnel only does not increase.The prime minister, it seems, are not forget for a moment, fine examination.The open door and open, let the market main body and common people loose time.Shouldn't open the door, I'm sorry, resolute don't open.Government contends, because of the chapter "deal" tube.