Talent strategy

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In human social spiritual and material civilization is highly developed today, the enterprise win the market competition is the most important decision factors, not capital accumulation, not the market share, not a product of the value of science and technology, but to have a completely suitable for enterprises and for selfless dedication of elite talent team.Therefore, competition in today's society, has said is talents' competition.Talent is the most valuable wealth of enterprise, is to maintain the link of the enterprise, is the soul of the company.
Such as group company believes in the people-oriented management concept, scientific design personnel career development planning, emphasis on talent development and training, and to create conditions for the talents, do it with career advancement opportunities, to attract and retain talented people to develop in order to culture advancement opportunities.By giving full play to staff's wisdom, make the enterprise development through the development of enterprises realize the maximization of the value of employees.
As in the group of companies adhere to the principle of "not race horses", to "ability than performance is superior to the qualifications, education" and "having both ability and political integrity" as the talent standard, encourage employee talent.Enterprises to develop at the same time, it is necessary to continuously improve the overall quality of staff, the company put forward the "training is the largest welfare, staff development is the best reward employees" slogan, actively create a good learning, training condition, systematic training of its employees, fully tap potential employees, accelerate the development of talent.
Can be only Germany, there is only taken performance, is the standard of choose and employ persons group company., owning the priciples, fulfilling their efforts for the employees is steep, to build the most fair and broad platform, provide the best development opportunities.Let every employee has a strong sense of belonging, sense of honor, a sense of accomplishment, let every employee group company, as a school, as home as a battlefield, consciously himself from enterprise condense into a community of life, create more value for enterprises, for the society!
Talent strategy

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