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  Zhongru Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. adhere to the "people-oriented" talent development ideas, pays attention to personnel training, encourages the spirit of innovation, continuously nurtures talented individuals, and mines and people's intelligence and gives play to their talent. With passion and hard work, we try to do the most valuable things. The Group shares benefits, values, and dreams with employees, and achieve the common development between enterprises and employees.
Join Zhongru Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., and walk shoulder to shoulder with successful colleagues. You will reap success in life! The Group provides staff with an excellent development platform, and larger space for development, so that employees’ abilities can be fully exercised and their potentials can be fully explored to create performances. We allow every employee to grow together with the Group.
  The Group creates a good working environment and a healthy corporate culture for the staff, so that every employee can feel the sense of belonging and cohesion.
  The Group endeavors to provide competitive salaries and benefits for employees, and strives to achieve win-win benefits between the Group and employees.
  Join Zhongru Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., to build our mutual splendid future. Sincerely welcome talented people to join us.
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