Massage from chairman

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 Forty years of hard work composed a glorious history despite of wind and rains. Forty years ago, we are still an unknown construction company. Today, we have become a comprehensive group company integrating housing construction, railway, highway, municipal gardens, water power, port and shipping and other businesses, with rich experience and technical strength in surveying, designing, and construction, integrating investment, financing, and real estates, which are permeated with the sweats of generations of people, who have experienced years of wind and rains. The businesses have evolved from the domestic market to the world, and the company has grown from small to large scale. The business pattern has been changed from one-product structure to a diversified pattern.
  In the era of international economic integration, Zhongru is lucky to meet the right time of development. With the deepening of China's "going out" strategy and “One belt one road” policy, Zhongru Group ushered in new development opportunities. We will firmly grasp the pulse of the times, adjust and improve the corporate governance structure, optimize staffing strategy, and meet the big challenges of the world economy with a new outlook!
  We are confident in joining the world market, and we are full of hope to embrace the future! Zhongru Group will adhere to the concept of development of “daring to make leap-forward development, casting quality products, pursuing excellence, and creating perfection”, and adhere to the talent principle of "people-oriented, people first”, to attract international and domestic talents, with whom we will join hands to make greater contributions to the social and economic development of the countries where the projects are located! 
Massage from chairman

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