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Zhongru Group
  Founded in 1973, Zhongru Group is headquartered in Rugao, a famous historical and cultural city in Jiangsu, known as China’s Capital of Flower Bonsai, and the blessed land of health and longevity famous in the world. Over the years, through proper diversification in development in the industry, the Group has grown into a comprehensive group company integrating real estate development, general contracting construction, and financial investment. The Group’s businesses are divided into three sectors: Zhongru real estate, Zhongru construction engineering, and Zhongru investment. For construction engineering sector and the real estate sector, the Group has wholly-owned subsidiaries with whole industry chains and whole qualification chains. It is a modern enterprise group integrating industry complex construction operations, planning and design, property management, infrastructure construction, decoration and installation, landscape gardening, commercial trade, hotel and other industries. The Group has more than 20 wholly-owned, holding and joint stock enterprises, with total assets of over 10 billion yuan.
  The subsidiary Zhongru Construction Engineering Group is a representative company of the construction sector, which was established in June 2015, initiated by the group’s former subordinate enterprise Nantong Dongjun Construction Co., Ltd.; the state owned company Rugao Municipal Construction Investment Co., Ltd. became the shareholder. Construction Engineering Group incorporates all types of advantageous resources of more than 10 construction enterprises. It holds the first grade qualification for housing construction general contracting, and owns a number of subsidiaries in such fields as municipal works, steel structure works, gardens, ancient construction, decoration engineering, electrical and mechanical equipment installation works, fire-fighting equipment and so on. It has the international project contracting and labor cooperation operating rights. The premium qualification for housing construction general contracting is in the application process. It is an operating platform, a financial service platform, and a talent gathering platform for the construction industry in Rugao. It now has more than 1,500 professional and technical staff in different fields, including 567 senior technical staff, 98 primary registered construction engineers, and 247 second-grade registered construction engineers. It adheres to the business strategy of being based on the Yangtze River Delta, radiating to the country and entering the world, and carrying out diversified operations and comprehensive development. It has set up 13 branches across the country. The construction footprints cover all over China and other countries and regions such as Japan, the United States, Kuwait, Southeast Asia, and Africa.
  For the real estate sector, the Group has a number of professional real estate development companies, of which Jiangsu Lingyun Real Estate Co., Ltd. has the first-grade qualifications for development. In order to enhance the core competitiveness, the Group has successfully acquired and created architectural design Institute, property companies, marketing planning companies, and other real estate development supporting companies, having formed a standardized, specialized and scientific management. Meanwhile, the Group co-founded AVIC Wancheng Construction Co., Ltd. with member units of China Aviation Industry Corporation, and AVIC international sector medium and small city real estate investment and development main platform, to achieve the complementary advantage pattern shared by the central enterprises and private enterprises. The company not only has the strong financial strength of the central enterprises, and the advantages of a policy platform, but also inherits the market-sensitive insight and rapid response capability of private enterprises. Based on the economic circle of the Yangtze River Delta (Nanjing, Wuxi, Zhenjiang, Nantong, Lianyungang and other cities), radiating to provinces such as Shandong, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia and so on, the company maintains multiple business formats and product series including residential buildings, commercial buildings, urban complexes, industrial parks and so on, with an annual development capacity of over 1 million square meters, and a total development capacity of 10 million square meters.
In order to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the Group, the Group also set up an Investment Management Platform Company in Shanghai  - Kexiang High-tech Development Co., Ltd., and purchased shares of a number of high-tech companies, covering the Internet, information engineering, new energy, genetic engineering and other areas. Through the whole linkage of different business sectors, it has broken through various links between the industrial chain, realized penetration in terms of brand, systems, operations, management, resources and other aspects, formed a tight network on the whole industry chain, and exponentially expanded the group's overall competitiveness.
  Since its creation, the Group has been practicing its corporate citizenship actions. It has been awarded with such titles as Honorable Unit of Red Cross Humanitarian Assistance, Advanced unit of helping the army and their families; chairman Mr. Song Xiaozhong was named Top Ten Outstanding Young Person in Nantong, and he was also rated as advanced individual in the activities of the PLA men in the construction of socialist spiritual civilization with the civilians by the General Political Department, Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the Central Propaganda Department.
  In the face of new opportunities and challenges, we will continue to adhere to the operating principle of “strengthening the Group through diversification, vitalizing the Group through capitalization, and refining the Group through specialization”. We will continuously innovate and develop ideas, accelerate the transformation of the development mode, vigorously enhance the level of development, take greater social responsibilities in the process of development, contribute classic artistic architectural works worthy of treasuring for cities and history, and create new bright sports for the soaring of the high-tech industries and traditional industries.

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